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The functionality of Equishare

An SSL-encrypted connection is used to send the files from the sender to the Equishare server and from the Equishare server to the recipient. The key length depends on the SSL certificate used on your Equishare server.

File storage on the Equishare server is also encrypted. Here the AES algorithm with a key length of 256 bit is used. Each transfer package can be encrypted with another AES key.

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The Equishare web application

Both directions are possible for the file transfer. Neither the sender nor the communication partner have to install software in advance, exchange certificates or have user accounts. No matter in which direction the transfer is to be made - the sender opens the URL of the Equishare server in his browser and goes through a few, self-explanatory steps.

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How does mailing with Equishare work?

Once your Equishare instance is up and running, you can open it at in a browser of your choice.

Under the heading "Provide" enter your name, telephone number and one of your on Equishare registered E-mail addresses for verification.

This verification is stored in a cookie and must be repeated from time to time.

Alternatively, any other email address can be entered which can then be sent to one of your registered Equishare addresses. Thus, your customers can also send you encrypted data.

Once they have been verified, you will be able to enter the recipient addresses directly in the future.

You then enter your message and / or your files to be encrypted and lastly set the transfer, notification and security options before sending the message.

Can I also send out of my email program?

Yes. You can also use Office 365 & Outlook integration in addition to the Equishare Basic features (Web page delivery).

These can be found in the Equishare Advanced packages.

Can I test Equishare?

Equishare is technically identical to Cryptshare.

You can therefore apply for free trial access directly from Cryptshare.

Can several employees send via the same e-mail address at the same time?

Yes. You can access your Equishare subdomain on different machines at the same time and log in with the same email address registered with Equishare.
The email address must then be verified per workstation and browser. The verification is stored in a cookie and must be repeated from time to time.
Feedback (messages, receipt or call confirmations) arrives however collected in the inbox of the email address you use.

To whom can I send mails?

You can send encrypted messages from any of your email addresses registered with Equishare to any email address worldwide.

Who can I receive mail from?

Anyone can send you encrypted messages and files through your Equishare subdomain. All they have to do is verify with their email address, then they can send it to an email address you registered with Equishare.

How long does the order take?

Typically, you can use your Equishare the next business day. You will then receive an email confirmation with your data.

(Since your license must be ordered individually, it can sometimes come to a day delay.)

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